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Emerging like an ornate relic of disenchanted youth, Austin-based power trio Grivo unleashes their ominously trudging sound with the debut full length Elude out November 16, 2018. Combining slow, methodical hooks and warm tube amplifiers, Grivo’s massive tones artfully re-establish the link between heavy guitars and downtempo pop to yield a potently encompassing experience. Utilizing effects as an active compositional element, Elude’s infectious riffs are brilliantly crafted and paced to allow the saturated guitars and bruising low-end to fully bloom. Within the tidal sound waves and bleak timbre, Grivo forges a distinctive personal connection that challenges the modern definitions of doom metal and shoegaze.

Born and raised in small-town Michigan, Grivo is led by guitarist/vocalist Timothy Heck who founded the band with his brother and drummer Matthew. The Heck brothers have shared a life-long musical partnership, starting as jazz-obsessed teenagers before diving into the punk and hardcore scenes of the Midwest in their early twenties. After years of intensive touring, they sought new inspiration and slower tempos, opting to relocate to Austin in 2015. Timothy adopted a reserved and accessible approach to songwriting, evoking empathy through minor key signatures while constructing intricate walls of auditory mass. Towing a thin line between genres, Grivo is careful never to fully commit to any style or tradition, allowing for broad crossover appeal.

Elude’s lyrics portray the harsh recognition of the distance between longing and embrace. Candid songs such as “C.A.” and “Burnout” eloquently articulate the pain of unrequited desire and derive sympathy from chorus-laden guitar flourishes. On songs like “Cave,” Timothy’s vocals and guitar leads form a unified voice, often singing into and out of one another to gracefully embellish the melody. Grivo’s chord progressions are composed at the perfect emotional pitch, allowing energy and tension to naturally build and melt into an intoxicating release. The dense fuzz tones on “Room” and “Opia” are brutal, searing the guitar stops into piercing feedback and grinding the edges off the bass lines. This multi-layered use of effects is an essential part of Grivo’s arrangement and identity, orchestrating an expansive variety of color and expression. The cohesive mood enveloping the nine dirges of Elude creeps along at a hypnotic tempo, luring the listener into the addictive malaise and subtle complexities of Grivo.

As the greater music world attempts to anticipate and define the next wave, Grivo has re-emphasized the core of loud guitar-based music. The high level of musicianship and songwriting shine through their rich tonal indulgence making Elude an unforgettable and distinguished debut.


released November 16, 2018

Grivo is Timothy Heck, Matthew Heck and Ricardo Tejeda
Engineered and mixed by Robert Williams
Mastering by Joshua Eustis
Produced by Grivo
Artwork by Christopher Royal King
Layout by Staci Maloney and Justin Goers


all rights reserved



Grivo Austin, Texas


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Track Name: HDC
Nights spent as a requiem
Our words will haunt our steps

Keep me alive for ransom
Then leave me when I get
Just on the other side
Of sleep

Still frame caught remembering
The way you used to feel
Old dreams like a faithful stray
Your heart can’t turn away
Track Name: Render
Your eyes hang open
Our mouths are dry
If you keep saying we’re nowhere
I’ll believe you’re right

Dissolving the moments
Then bleeding them dry
You keep saying it’s over
When I let you down
You keep saying we’re nowhere
Because I led you

Was it easy to leave me?
Was it painful to forget?
Track Name: Burnout
Catch me falling down
Endlessly burning out
Incomplete I’m a passerby
Burdened now

But it’s only when you smile
And I see what used to be
There’s too much to leave behind

Bend me to break me down
Speak only to drown me out
Passively you strung me along
To cut away
Track Name: Opia
Steady this reckless heart
Indemnify my loss
Gently lead me away
Until I don’t know
Which way to go

Whispers are on the air
And you can’t know their cost
Teach me how to convey
The words to keep you
Before you’re gone
Track Name: Cave
Can’t keep away
I’ve left a thousand times
just to come back
Can’t stay this way
I can taste the emptiness
I know you’ll bring

Pacing your empty halls
Will you still look for me?
Cave in, you’re breaking down
With no one around to blame

He set the snare
She’s lost in revelry
You’re left reeling
Can’t stand the shame?
You’ll feel alive again
When you’re leaving
Track Name: C.A.
Desperately how they watch you
But I can’t stand beside you complacently
In sheets of red they wait for the windfall
But I’m not scared of anything anymore

Cast away
Still breathing out your name
Selfishly sure
Tomorrow will be the same

I’m drinking you in
But I can’t stop until there’s nothing left
It feels the same in its own way
But I can’t stand for anything anymore
Track Name: Elude
I’ve been drowning in your wake
Saviors patiently observing
Was I selfish, Was I wrong,
To surrender so completely?

Stay with me until I need you
In the darkest parts of night
And like words on the tip of my tongue
Your face eludes me

I’ve been sleeping under waves
Every night they come and find me
Am I complicating things,
Because I loved you so profoundly
Track Name: Room
Fade away with me
Back to where I met you
Catch the feeling, yeah
Slowing down your reason

Am I ever really near you?
And if I’m not would you pretend?
You see I’m making good on something
That I hope you’ll understand

Shake the room
Keep me down then leave me
Share my fears with me
Let me drown you in them

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